The Power Closet is a space for perspectives, where conversations meet style. Our mission is to bring our audience into a higher understanding of themselves by having engaging and thought provoking conversations. These serve as a catalyst to challenge and dispel limiting beliefs and mindsets which help people evolve into a better self. The Power Closet is also a platform which believes in people living life to the fullest. As such, we are also passionate about Fashion & Lifestyle. 


Perspectsees [pers-pect-sees]
– Because perspectives help you see

What’s yours will never pass you by
26th September 2021, London, 23:36 Have you ever been afraid that someone will steal what God has for...
On account of your breath 😮‍💨🌬
8th December 2021, 20:49, Lagos Two months ago I woke up in the early hours of the morning, reached...
They have no wine 💒
23rd December 2022, 09:00, Lagos I love a good wedding. It’s beautiful watching two people who are deeply...
Every person has a dark part
27th September 2021, London, 00:00 One day I called my best friend and started doing what I usually do...
Will you wait for the one that's truly yours?
July 12th 2022, 20:59, Mayfair A quick glance at my instagram will reveal something about Tumi –...
Through His lens
A while ago ;), 21:43, Somewhere on earth Someone once asked me a cheeky question about a particular...

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