Perspectsees [pers-pect-sees]
– Because perspectives help you see

Perspectsees [pers-pect-sees] is a collection of stories which take a reader through everyday struggles in life. It gives a fresh perspective on navigating issues within relationships, careers, family, faith and other topics. If you’d like to join the conversation please don’t forget to connect with us on our social media platforms.
Peace is not a commodity
19th April 2021, ~12:40pm Peace of mind is something that is so precious to a man’s existence. The ability...
Out with the old, in with the new
17th April 2021, ~10am Over the last 48 hours I’ve slowly been watching a sermon that is quite frankly...
God doesn't want me to suffer
12th April 2021 Every year, I’ve decided that I will do something that deepens my faith and fellowship...
Purpose: in or out?
8th April 2021, 14:22 I wake up with groggy eyes and do what I do on reflex – check my phone. Turns...
My just in time prom date
6th April 2021, ~ 3:00am Yes, I write at odd hours in the morning. It’s at these hours I find that I...
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