Our Story

When I started The Power Closet (TPC) in 2020, I had a simple vision – to create a community for people to converse about all things workwear (workwear? yes, workwear) and a space where we discuss how to feel more confident at work. You see, I focused primarily on workwear because I had a strong disdain for the traditional colour palette of the corporate world i.e. navy blue, grey, black and white. I love playing with colour and channelling my personality and style into what I wear to work. Plus, I’m a big believer in looking good from Monday – Sunday and not just Friday – Sunday. So yes, this vision I had for TPC seemed crystal clear but boy oh boy was I wrong.

So let’s start again: Welcome to The Power Closet (version 2.0). No, it’s not just about workwear, it’s about so much more. In short, The Power Closet is a space for perspectives, where conversation meets style. At the heart of TPC, we aim to see people evolve into a better version of themselves. 

As you go through our social media pages and encounter our various conversation segments such as ‘On the spot’ with TPC and Perspectsees, my hope is that you leave questioning the way you think. When this happens, sit with your thoughts and I pray that over time you will be rid of any limiting beliefs you have which will cause you to heal and evolve into a better self. 

Beyond conversations, I also believe every individual should enjoy life and live it to its fullest. As such, TPC also produces content within the Fashion & Lifestyle segment. 

I want more than a platform where we talk about nice things. I want us to share stories that inspire us to dig deeper and believe in ourselves. This is a platform that is centred around healing and growth in the mind.

I have so much to share with you guys so stick with me, I promise it’ll be worth it.