Perspectsees [pers-pect-sees]
– Because perspectives help you see

Perspectsees [pers-pect-sees] is a collection of stories which take a reader through everyday struggles in life. It gives a fresh perspective on navigating issues within relationships, careers, family, faith and other topics. If you’d like to join the conversation please don’t forget to connect with us on our social media platforms.
An Appointed Time
7th July 2023, 00:20, London I sit sobbing helplessly on the floor as I hear the sweet melody of the...
Seeds That Speak
March 2024, 15:24, London I’ve been going through an intense cleansing season with God. It came...
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The Shame Of Still Believing
3rd June 2024, 10:48, London Have you ever been in a position where you’ve had to keep a secret from...
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Overcoming The Pendulum Phase
26th June 2022, London, 08:24 Experiencing a promise from God can evoke both excitement and fear simultaneously....
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The House vs The Wind
5th May 2024, 3:24 pm, London We’ve all been there before: everything is going well, you feel at peace,...
The Jealous Mind Game
 21st November 2022, 06:26, London I love starting my mornings with a workout. It helps me think through...
The Pain Of Self-Preservation
5th March 2024, 22:40, London Journal entry: Dear Lord, I am tired of waiting for you to show up. I...
The power of love
​March 12th 2024, 21:48, London I’ve been thinking a lot about love. You know, the intensity of the emotion....
A divine smile
​Diary Entry 25th November 2021, 22:54, London “I’m in dire need of a divine smile. My eyes are heavy,...
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