Perspectsees [pers-pect-sees]
– Because perspectives help you see

Perspectsees [pers-pect-sees] is a collection of stories which take a reader through everyday struggles in life. It gives a fresh perspective on navigating issues within relationships, careers, family, faith and other topics. If you’d like to join the conversation please don’t forget to connect with us on our social media platforms.
A Sequence of Miracles
26th December 2023, 8:21, Glasgow On this chilly, dim morning, I wake to a whisper in my spirit: “The...
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Is it me or does this feel heavier than normal?
7th June 2022, London, 18:15 The last week or so has been pretty rough. It’s been one where I’ve faced...
What’s yours will never pass you by
26th September 2021, London, 23:36 Have you ever been afraid that someone will steal what God has for...
On account of your breath 😮‍💨🌬
8th December 2021, 20:49, Lagos Two months ago I woke up in the early hours of the morning, reached...
They have no wine 💒
23rd December 2022, 09:00, Lagos I love a good wedding. It’s beautiful watching two people who are deeply...
Every person has a dark part
27th September 2021, London, 00:00 One day I called my best friend and started doing what I usually do...
Will you wait for the one that's truly yours?
July 12th 2022, 20:59, Mayfair A quick glance at my instagram will reveal something about Tumi –...
Through His lens
A while ago ;), 21:43, Somewhere on earth Someone once asked me a cheeky question about a particular...
Passivity, a slow corrosive
11th December 2022, 07:49, Lagos  “Love is not possessive but neither is it passive.” I randomly uttered...
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