A Sequence of Miracles

26th December 2023, 8:21, Glasgow

On this chilly, dim morning, I wake to a whisper in my spirit: “The time is now.” With a mountain of to-do’s ahead, I’m fighting doubt and disbelief. Where does one even begin amidst such a level of uncertainty? Questions flood my mind, and I start asking myself the dreaded question “How did my life end up here?” “Why can’t anything be straightforward?” I exhale, acknowledging the familiar truth: there’s a divine plan at play, urging me to embrace the quirks of my journey. I need to trust that at the end of it all, He will be glorified.

As I rise from my bed and make my way to the restroom, a heavy realisation hits me: to accomplish all that lies ahead, I’ll need miracles at every turn or as I like to call it “a sequence of miracles.” It’s the only conceivable way forward. Quite frankly, it’s the only way I’ll make it through everything unscathed!

Each to-do, each hurdle, seems impossible without divine intervention. Honestly, I’m pretty certain situations like these are deliberate. With such a setup it would be impossible for any human to claim credit or boast of their strength; rather, what happens would be an unmistakable testament of God’s power alone. Weirdly enough I am certain there are miracles I’ll require, some I may not even recognise and this leaves me feeling slightly uneasy.

As I finally settle back into bed, a silent plea escapes my lips:

“Father, make me an example of what You can do.”

As I continue my silent prayer, I gently utter these simple but powerful words:

“The Lord doesn’t know how to fail even if He wanted to.”

As my heart is softened by these words my mind drifts to Genesis 41. It’s a chapter I hold very dear to my heart and one that God Himself gave me to encourage my faith. If you know anything about me you’d know that Joseph and I have a lot in common. He had a very unusual path and found himself in a prolonged wilderness season which is something I deeply connect with. Yet, amidst it all, his heart remained open to God and he continued to show love and forgiveness to those who probably didn’t even deserve it.

As I reflected on this chapter, I realised that Joseph’s story is indeed filled with remarkable instances of divine intervention, where what seemed impossible became possible through miracles orchestrated by God. Each step of his journey, from the depths of prison to the heights of power and influence, was marked by extraordinary interventions or as I call it “a sequence of miracles.”

Let’s go through them in a nutshell:

1. Release from Prison: Joseph’s liberation from prison required a miraculous intervention. We know the story; Pharaoh has a dream and ironically only Joseph can interpret it. Hence, he’s brought out from prison quickly (Genesis 41:1-14).

2. Pharaoh’s Favour: Despite his past circumstances, Pharaoh’s favour towards him was undoubtedly a result of divine intervention, enabling Joseph to rise to prominence (Genesis 41:37-41).

3. Counsel’s Favour: It’s miraculous for Pharaoh to favour Joseph, but it’s an even sweeter miracle for Pharaoh’s entire council to both favour Joseph and also not oppose him, highlighting God’s hand at work (Genesis 41:37-38).

4. Employment and Reputation: Overcoming the stigma of false accusations certainly required divine intervention. In what world would an individual accused of raping an official’s wife be pardoned and then given such a high-ranking position? (Genesis 41:40).

5. High Ranking Government Position: Joseph’s elevation to a higher government position (even better than what he had experienced in the past) was nothing short of a supernatural miracle (yep, supernatural + miraculous), considering his past accusations (Genesis 41:41).

6. Provision and Prosperity: His sudden acquisition of wealth, status, and material possessions (Genesis 41:42-43) could only be attributed to God’s supernatural provision.

7. Marriage and Restoration: Finding a wife and experiencing restoration in his personal life simultaneously (Genesis 41:45) further underscores the miraculous nature of his journey.

In every aspect of Joseph’s story, from imprisonment to exaltation, God’s hand was evident. We can see that a sequence of miracles was orchestrated by God to fulfil His divine purpose. Whenever I read this chapter I’m oftentimes left speechless because it serves as a powerful reminder of God’s faithfulness and sovereignty, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

A sequence of miracles is not impossible with God. I take a deep breath and recite that truth to myself again: A sequence of miracles is not impossible with God.

Given this truth, why don’t we rest in Him and let Him show us what it feels like to walk through the Red Sea on dry ground? Or to be lifted from prison to a high position?

I want to experience a sequence of miracles. Do you?

Love always,

P.S. Here is a short prayer I wrote:

Lord, my dear Father, please bring me Your miracles today. Thank you for setting me apart. Complete all it is that You’re doing in my life Lord, that You may be glorified. In Jesus name, amen

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