Inside Moses’ basket

16th October 2021, 07:43, London

Sometimes life feels like an odd movie where I’m playing the main character and I don’t know the script, my lines or any of the plots for each scene. One area that has been particularly interesting is addressing the dreaded question “what do I want to do in my life” and “what’s my purpose?”

Last year, I found myself at a crossroad and started thinking more deeply about these questions. I’m usually very independent and love figuring things out alone. However, this time I chose to be different. After various honest conversations with my closest friends and deep reflection, I started seeing myself from a different angle. They insisted that the path I was treading wasn’t really me. At first, I was actually very irritated. Have you ever been in a position where people tell you the fairy-tale of how your life is going to be is a farce? They will tell you that it’s not who you are and you ought to look for a path that really plays to your strengths, gifts and talents. Fast forward to early this year where I saw that everything they said was almost like a prophecy. Before my very eyes I watched as the career I spent so much energy trying to get into became the very thing that almost broke me. But as the declared by the LORD he will not give you more than you can handle:

“We all experience times of testing, which is normal for every human being. But God will be faithful to you. He will screen and filter the severity, nature, and timing of every test or trial you face so that you can bear it. And each test is an opportunity to trust him more, for along with every trial God has provided for you a way of escape that will bring you out of it victoriously.”

1 Corinthians 10:13 TPT

After navigating a difficult season for months, God in his faithfulness moved me within the organisation and I started afresh. However, it still didn’t feel right. If anything, it felt just “okay”. You know something though? When you’ve been frustrated for so and the tides change very slightly, you think you’ve struck gold and rejoice with things just being mediocre. Sometimes a person can become satisfied with this setup and stop pressing for more i.e. what they’re actually called to do. Let me put it into context – I had finally left a horrible place, I had a new opportunity, the hours were manageable, the people were kind, the pay was good – you get my drift. I remember sitting down one day and saying in my head “hmm this isn’t so bad, maybe there’s no rush to move on and find my actual path – I can take my time.” Interesting thought right? You know what God replied?

“I was with Moses in the basket but my intention wasn’t for him to stay there.”

What?! If you see the way I jumped up! What on earth does that statement mean?

Let’s look at the life of Moses. He was a Hebrew baby whose life was under threat and to save him God inspired his mother to put him in a basket and on the river. This would allow him to float across the Nile and be found as a princess in the palace was bathing. And indeed, Moses floated all the way to the palace in a basket and one of the princess’ slaves found him. At the end he was adopted by Pharoah’s household and taken into the palace. Let’s take it bit by bit:

  1. Moses’ life was under threat (they were going to kill him)
  2. To save him his mother put him in a basket to escape
  3. God led and protected Moses as he was crossing the river (no sharks, waves or creepy animals ate Moses’ toes)
  4. Moses went from a place of almost dying to a palace – the very place that trained him and gave him strength

Bonus point: Moses didn’t belong in the palace. He was adopted into it! He didn’t belong there but by the hand of the LORD, he was taken in there and became mighty in the house. Ugh. I love God so much. The way he elevates people blows my mind! What this revelation just gave me is that when God is transitioning you through seasons sometimes the honest truth is you may not be qualified on paper or by man’s standards. But God can move a person to a position or place that they’re not naturally entitled to or qualify for! Beautiful right? Okay, no more digressing – sorry!

*speaks in tongues because this analogy is so beautiful*

I’m going to focus on number 2 & 3 because that was what God was highlighting to me. First of all did you notice that I said CROSSING the river? Moses was never intended to stay in the basket – it served as a temporary place for Moses to rest and float on the LORD whilst God directed the waves and took him to the place of his destiny. It was God’s way of telling me that yes, where you are I am definitely with you. However, this place is not permanent. This is you crossing the river and the next place will be your equivalent of a palace. This realisation really moved my spirit.

What about you? Have you shelved a dream God placed in your heart? Are you currently in your Moses basket and trying to spend longer time than necessary in there or on the Nile? I feel like this piece is one where God is explaining the meaning of a current season or chosen path.

Let’s go a little bit deeper. Moses crossed that river by the help of the LORD. He was baby! He had NO IDEA how to get to the palace. God ordered his steps and moved the waves in a specific direction to help that basket float to the exact location and at the right time that the princess was bathing. Oh my God! Think about it?! How on earth can someone explain how a baby managed to get there at the right time and unscathed? Do you know that basket could have been hindered by rocks, seaweed, turbulent waves etc? I’m not saying the basket didn’t encounter this – it may have. Nonetheless, God completely protected him in this basket and he moved across the Nile unscathed.

I’m getting even more revelation as I’m typing. I’ll explain why.

God told me to rest that He will order my steps and get me to my next place – my rightful path, all by Himself. However, time after time I let my overly ambitious and over-achieving self get the best of me and I try to do it in my own strength and guess what happens? Nothing. This is also a call for me (and you) to rest. Do your own part of story – have the conversations, show up, follow the breadcrumbs that the LORD leaves but don’t worry. As he protected and helped Moses so will He protect and help us. May each person who reads this who is going through their “Moses basket” season float through it effortlessly. I pray that God will push you in your basket towards your rightful place. I pray that when you do get to that rightful place an abundance of joy is the least that you will find. May it be the place that equips you and sharpens you to be more of who you’re called to be.

So remember:

  1. The basket is temporary so don’t get too comfortable
  2. God will carry you across the river i.e. He will lead and protect you
  3. Your basket will arrive in the palace you were destined for at the right time i.e. God’s timing is perfect

Chin up my loves. I’m so excited because I can smell the palace food already 😂 Just joking! I hope this helps you see that even though you may not have gotten what you want He is still working and he will finish what he started beautifully!

Love always,


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