What’s yours will never pass you by

26th September 2021, London, 23:36

Have you ever been afraid that someone will steal what God has for you or it will somehow not get into your hands? I’ve had such deep fears rock my world multiple times. During these moments I would think of all sorts of ways to ensure that I’m on track and I haven’t “missed anything” that he’s told me. However, time and time again, God has been kind and has consistently shown me that what is mine will never pass me by, especially when I have a heart that is focused on Him. I want nothing more than to serve my purpose to the fullest, to live life to the fullest and to experience His work in every aspect of my life to the fullest. I’ll tell you an experience I encountered a while ago.

If you know me, you know I love enjoyment. I also love the finer things of life. Now by no means do I let these things rule over my life – no. But let’s be real, the finer things are foine indeed. I appreciate luxury goods that I can get good use out of. You get the point – I like nice things! A friend of mine was obsessing over these sandals which the high end brand – Gucci, had released for their summer season. I remember looking at the shoes and thinking they looked “ok and slightly quirky”. She told me how beautiful they were and kept on raving about them. This was in February / March. I told her I would pass on the shoes. Fast forward to August, we decided to go on a trip to Paris and I saw her rocking these shoes. I frown and get super grumpy because it turns out that I loved the shoes! You know what’s worse? The shoes were extremely comfortable, stylish and affordable. I kept pinching myself for being stingy! Why didn’t I buy the shoes earlier on in the year?

With this new desire for the shoes, I decided to take a trip to the beautiful Gucci store on St Honoré. I walked into the store and asked for the shoe in the most sought after colour – green. The sales associate looked at me in disbelief. She simply replied “madam, you will not find that anywhere, they have been sold out since the beginning of the year”. I frowned and said okay no problem. I then made the resolve that I would buy the white version of the shoes instead – they looked amazing and were my next best option since the colour I desired the most (green) wasn’t available.

However, I’m one persistent woman and when I want something, I usually don’t take no for an answer. I decided I would check London to see if by some miracle they had the green sandal. I reasoned that If God wanted me to have the shoe, the green will still be there after all. Hence when I returned to London, I pranced into Selfridges and asked for the green shoe. I think the sales associate thought I was confused. She said “madam, we haven’t seen that colour since the start of the year. It’s completely sold out everywhere”. So I took it as – Tumi, buy the white the green wasn’t for you. I told her ok, I’ll take the white then. She disappears into the stock room and I sit patiently waiting for her to bring back the shoes.

I wait for about 10 minutes and see her come back with not one but two boxes. She looks at me and says “you must be the luckiest woman in the world. I just found a pair of the green sandals in an EU40 (my size). I didn’t even know we had this in the back!” To add to the drama, other sales associates gasped and exclaimed when they saw the shoe. They turned to her and asked “where did you get that? Was that in the shop? Oh my goodness! We didn’t know we had that in this store!” I sat and smiled heavily thinking “don’t you dare try my daddy. What’s mine will never pass me by.”

In the end, I ended up with two shoes – the white and the green. I bought the white first and later went back to get the green because I believe it was hidden away just for me. It was like He hid it in the back till He was ready for me to receive it. That’s what I believe God does for us. We often get into these moments where we are afraid that the gifts and best things which He’s specially selected for us will pass us. I disagree. God is love. He is the fullest expression of love. He actually loves giving us gifts. I’m coming to believe that God can hide things away, precious things away from us until we are ready to receive them. When he feels we are ready, He will lead us to this place and reveal the gift.

Deep that I’m basing this off Gucci shoes but honestly, that for me was the deeper revelation behind this whole story. What’s mine can’t be snatched because God is good. He will keep it hidden just for me (and you) especially when we have hearts that are focused on him.

So I say this to say – fear not. Your promise is there waiting for you. Focus on you! Focus on your character, your development, on growing closer to Him. It’s through that you know that He will keep polishing the gift which he has already specially marked out for you. I’m certain that in due course, He will lead you to it.


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