The beauty of intentionality

11th November 2022, 11:09am, London

Being intentional in a relationship doesn’t mean things won’t be organic. It can be intentional and* organic.

Real love is built on intentionality.

Real love requires a consistent rhythm.

Real love requires safety.

Real love is not built on spontaneity.

There can be spontaneous moments* but love and as an extension – relationships, cannot be built on spontaneity alone. They require intentionality, consistency and a dedication to making it grow into what you both desire.

We can’t just think “it will get there organically”.

When you’re intentional about your relationship and trouble comes – because it will come – you guys are able to face it together. It didn’t “just happen”. You were both making conscious decisions to get into a relationship. The truth is we don’t just “fall in love”. We are either unconsciously or consciously making decisions that cause us to arrive at such an outcome.

Being intentional doesn’t take away romance. In fact it ushers in the very essence of romance – a knowing that someone is choosing* to do something to make you feel special. They are choosing* to do it – now that is romance.

Intentionality provides safety for romance. When you’re intentional you state your desires clearly. With such a behaviour people can be as romantic as they feel without feeling like they are creeping out another.

Intentionality creates a safe environment for one to express themselves without fear.

What do you think? Do you agree?



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